Hell Boy Halloween Costume

Made the right hand of doom hand using callmemilo and others instructions for inspiration. Also used anamtronic hand instructable.
Thanks the party i wore it at ws excellent. I won first place. The hand functioned well.



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks everyone for the compliments. I really had fun with this.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I love HB and I adore your costume. Great details. Fantastic job!

    That was pretty easy. I used a makeup tutorial from Delilah Hellboy to figure out how to paint it so it looked good. The horns were from a cheap hellboy mask I got online. I cut the horns off and glued them to a bald cap. Then I used costume wax around the edges to erase the seam. I painted the cap and horns with red latex. Then I black washed the horns with thinned out black paint, wiped off the excess so only the cracks stayed black. At the base I took a nice brush loaded with black paint and put it in the crack and drew a light feathered stroke toward the top so it gave some texture around the base to look like the horns were growing out of my head. It turned out awesome. Thanks and have fun this halloween.

    Other people have made the horns using different clay molds and latex the filled them with cotton befoe gluing them on. Same effect but I already had the cheap mask horns.