Hello World


Introduction: Hello World

how to write hello word.

Step 1: Turn on Laptop

put your finger on power button and press it gently.

Step 2: Open Notepad

search for notepad and open it

Step 3: Type It

type hello word using keyboard

Step 4:



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    9 Discussions

    The instructions weren't clear enough I got my arm stuck in a cheesecake.

    Step 4 is the hardest of them all...


    4 years ago

    whats step 4


    4 years ago

    When I type it, it comes out as "hell ow orld"! Do I need a new computer, or should I get that risky robotic finger surgery?

    I try but what appears on screen is "Bonjour le monde". Maybe it have something to do with my system.

    Is it a C++ "hello world" or a java "hello world" or a php "Hello world"?

    I went to type "Hello World" but it came out "Hekko Word". I'm not sure where I went wrong.

    maybe i should explain it in more steps. sorry it's not working for you dude.