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This is my favorite of all the Rainbow Loom bracelets - the hexafish! It's much chunkier and complex and looks more like a bangle. I made mine a bit larger than my wrist so I could wear it like a bangle, too.

And the best part? While it's a little time consuming, it's really not that complicated :D

This hexafish bracelet probably took me a couple hours over a few days, and the end result is perfect.

P.S. I really recommend making the original Rainbow Loom fishtail bracelet before tackling the hexafish. The hexafish bracelet is just like the fishtail bracelet times six. 

Step 1: What You'll Need:

If you buy the rainbow loom kit above, you will get the hook shown, some c-clips and some bands - won't need to buy anything else! :D

Step 2: Starting the Bracelet

To start the bracelet, remove one of the pieces of the loom (so you've only got two rows of pegs) and make sure the pegs are squared up.

Now, take your first band and loop it like an eight from pegs 1-2. Then place a band from 2-3, 3-4, 4-5, 5-6, and 6-1 as shown in the photo.

These bands can be any color you want, as we'll be cutting them away at the end. I used black so I wouldn't waste any of the colors I use more often.

Step 3: Making the Foundation

Stretch two bands all the way around the six pegs.

Use your hook and pull the figure eight bands over the top bands, going from the outside in. It should look like photo #4.

I like to go from left to right on each row of pegs, but it's not really important which order you do it in. :)

Step 4: Add Additional Bands

At this point, your foundation is done! Now you can really get to work.

You will want three bands on the loom at all time while building the bracelet:

  • one band stretched across all six pegs
  • two bands below on each peg

For each layer, add a new band around all six pegs and then take the very bottom band and stretch it up and over the two top bands on each peg. Add another band around all six pegs and repeat the process.

Step 5: It's Growing!

This hexafish bracelet will come out of the bottom of the loom, so you'll get to see it grow while you work. :D

Keep adding additional bands until it reaches the length you want. (I'll show you how to finish the loom end on the next two steps!)

The bracelet will be flat and strange looking as it comes out of the loom, but pulling the end will tighten it up and get it into the proper shape.

(Lu is impressed!)

Step 6: Finish the Loom End, Part 1

Once you've reached the length you want, loop over all the extra bands on the pegs until you're left with one each.

Now you'll want to loop the bands over so they're only on three pegs as the photos show.

I take the loop on peg 3 and move it to peg 2, peg 1 to peg 6, and peg 5 to peg 4. (using the way the pegs are labeled on step 2)

Step 7: Finish the Loom End, Part 2

One you're got the original loops on three pegs, put another band around all three of those so it forms a triangle.

Pass the two bottom bands on each peg over the top. Now take the three loops left on the pegs and consolidate them onto the middle peg closest to you. Clip these three bands together and you can pull it off the loom.

Now one end is done! HOORAY

Pull the bracelet again at this point to make sure it's all the right shape. As you can see in the second photo, it looks really silly before you stretch it. :P

Step 8: Put the Bracelet Back on the Loom

The is the absolute trickiest part of the hexafish bracelet, but it's important for a nice finish. Leaving it like this make a bulky mess that's hard to fit in a C clip.

At the end of the bracelet, you'll see lots of large loops held in place by six sets of two bands. You're going to transfer six sets of bands back onto the loom. Make sure to get both bands.

The last set is the hardest to get - but keep digging with the hoop and you'll get under it.

Once all six loops are back on the loom and you double check to make sure you've got two bands on each peg, you can cut away the excess looped bands on the end.

This will leave you with two bands on each peg, so loop over the bottom one on each so you end up with one band on each of the six pegs.

Now we'll finish like we did the other end!

Step 9: Finishing the Other End

Now we'll finish the other end of the bracelet just like we did in step 7. :D

Condense the bands to three pegs, add a band around them and bring over the bottom bands. Put all the bands on one peg and attach it to the other end of the bracelet with the C clip.

Remove from the loom AND BAM.

You just created the most wonderful Rainbow Loom hexafish bracelet ever.

Step 10: More Photos

I am so in awe of this thing that I have to share more photos. :P

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7 months ago

Can u make a octofish with 8 pegs


Reply 2 years ago

You will have to have a Rainbow Loom or an adjustable loom so the bracelet can go through the gap. You could try on a Cra-Z-Loom or normal loom though the pegs would be in the way and you couldn't really push your bracelet down on the pegs.

You can also make this on the Rainbow Loom Monster Tail Loom. I've made this on there! It comes with these instructions too!

Thank you for reading! :)


2 years ago

Your instructions are really handy! Thank you for making this! XD


2 years ago

Really cool bracelet!


3 years ago

So Awesome looks like one of those honeycomb paper decorations, it's the perfect thickness, thank you for sharing this tutorial

Evelyn 123

3 years ago

Is it hard to make

Mary Glitters

3 years ago

The bracelate is awesome but i cannot make it because it takes alot of loom bands.Can you make one heaxfish bracelate on fork?


4 years ago

i ran out of bands halfway through


4 years ago on Introduction

i so did not understand any of the instructables can any of you tell me to get better instructables because this is the first time i'm making an hexafish loomband so please help me find a website for loombands... i need a lot of help for this one because its very very tricky if you're making it the first time and i'm really sorry for saying this to who showed these steps to make a hexafish loomband