Hey My Loves Today I Am Gonna Show You How to Make a Delecious Tasty Fish

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and this is our delecious yummy fish

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Step 1: So of Corse for This Yummy Fish You Are Gonna Need a Fish Like This

and cut the fish in the middle like I did and you can cut the head of the fish just cut anywhere you like

Step 2: And When You Cut the Fish in the Meddle We Are Gonna Make a Salsa for This

and for this we need a hot sause any hot sause that you have will work and we need a critic acid or a lemon just make la lemon juice and apply it but I used a critic acid because it will be more tasty and you need a tomato just cut the tomato and put that on the fish and cut one lemon too and put that on the fish for more taste

Step 3: And When You Put All the Ingredients on the Fish You Only Have to Cook the Fish for 145 or More Degrees

and ta dah
you will have a really tasty delecious fish and it is absolutly yummy

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