Hey My Loves, Today I Am Gonna Show You the Really Simple Amazing Delecious Corn That You Can Eat It for Lunch or Just for Watching TV or Anything

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This is the corn with a really great taste and delecious, I hope you enjoy

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Step 1: You Need a Corn in Brine

You can get this in your kitchen or in the supermarket so you can get it easy

Step 2: This Is What You Need

so you need a lemon juice or you can just take the lemon and siquiz it and you need salt and also hot sauce, if you love hot you can add a hot sauce or if you deslike it you can skip it, this is kinda like a salsa to the corn

Step 3: And Ta Dah

This is the delecious corn that you eat it while you are watching TV or just anytime you want



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