Hidden Storage Book Arduino

This is a project where you can hide things in a book and if someone opens it an alarm sounds.

Things you will need for this project:

-1 thick book


-1 Buzzer

-7 wires

-1 100ohm resister

-1 220ohm resister


-1 arduino breadboard

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Step 1: Connecting Wires From Arduino to Breadboard

using the 5v slot of arduino connect wire to the minus sign on the breadboard

connect ground to plus sign on breadboard

connect buzzer to breadboard in the A row. then connect the wire from the analog on the arduino to the B row directly behind the buzzer wires.

connect two wires from plus to negative and plus to negative on the breadboard

connect the 100ohm resister in front of the power wires

connect 220ohm resister to F row on breadboard in front of the 100ohm resister

connect photocell in E row on breadboard in front of 220ohm resister

Step 2:

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