Hide Taskbar and And Desktop Icons... FOR GOOD!! (this Is a Prank, in Case You Thought Otherwise)

Here's a little trick, when everything seems to be perfectly all right, but totally inactive, because it APPARENTLY is there, but in actuality, it isn't?

And its real fun to watch a person try to something with the computer, but fuming at his/her inability to do anything??

So well, here's how you do it!!

Step 1: Let's Get Started

[Note: this is really a very simple trick, may be consisting of just one step, so I have literally broken down every mouse click to a step, so don't fume at that; keep your patience and it would be advisable if you see all steps on a single page.]

First, close all windows, because you need the desktop to appear totally idle.
Then, hit the "print screen" key.

This captures the screen, the taskbar and the desktop icons, et al.

Step 2: Changing the Background

A normal desktop background is merely a simple image or a picture. YOU need one with images of the taskbar and the desktop icons on it, such as the one you captured in the last step.

So, set the previous screen-shot as the desktop background. (if you know how to do it, then skip this and the following step; don't bug me later with annoying comments)

1. Open Paint ( press windows key + r ; enter "mspaint")

2. Paste the screen-shot, and save it.

Step 3: The New, Old Background

Now, set this picture just just saved, as the desktop background:

Goto the folder you saved the image in, right click on the icon, and select set as desktop background.


On the desktop, right click > properties.
Browse for the picture you just saved, and set it as the desktop background.

Step 4: The Icon Disappearing Trick

[Note: this step really isn't necessary; the next step takes care of this as well; however this and the following step may find importance in that mac-look-on XP thing; I found some one asking this question in a thread, so he may find this useful]

Now remove the icons off the desktop. (if you know how to do it, just do it, what remains of this step isn't for you to read)

on the desktop, right click > arrange desktop icons > show desktop icons.

You won't notice any change, though, because even though the icons aren't there, their images that have been captured in the desktop background still show, and it seems as if the icons are there on the screen, when they actually aren't.

Step 5: Next, the Taskbar

No, its time for the taskbar disappear.

This is serious business now, because, this involves killing the explorer process, and this is what makes the computer seem unresponsive. Ending the explorer process makes the windows key non-functional, and disables (rather closes) the taskbar and the desktop icons.

This is also the most important step of this Instructable. End it if you know how to, or read on.

[Note: try this trick on the mac-look-on-XP thing, and lemme know the results, but I think clicking on the desktop icon in rocket deck will either invoke explorer, or ending it will... I dunno... close rocket deck... or maybe remove the icons... I dunno... But worth trying]

1. open task manager: right click on taskbar, select task manager, or alternatively use the key combination ctrl + shift + esc OR ctrl + alt + delete.

Step 6: Ending Explorer.exe

Select the processes tab in task manager.
find the process called "explorer.exe", and click on end process....

Step 7: Confirm Ending the Process

You will be warned that terminating the process will blah blah blah blah... don't pay heed to that; just click on yes.

Step 8: Job Done!!!

That's it!!!

Close Task-manager, and you're done!!! Do any thing, but nothing really will happen!! the computer will seem totally unresponsive. Pressing any key, left clicking, or right clicking will not show any result.

Step 9: Fixing Things Back

Now, if you're willing to fix things (you don't really need to; for the next time you start your computer, the explorer process will be automatically invoked at startup), this is what you do:"

Open task manager, using either of the two key combinations I told you about earlier

ctrl + shift + esc


ctrl + alt + delete

Goto File > New Task, and enter "explorer" in the open field.

That restores the explorer, i.e. the taskbar and the desk top icons.

Well almost, coz you disabled the desk top icons, so you will have to enable them again.
Proceed on to the next step to see how to restore the desk top icons, or simply to read the note at the end, which i request you.

Step 10: Lastly, the Icons!!!!

Right click on the desktop, arrange icons by > show desktop icons.

As for the background, leave it that way!! it'll be fun when someone tries to delete an icon... :P

[Note: To all those who read the crude and the raw version of this, I'm very sorry for the improper language (and grammar). But folks , that was the result of 4 years kvag followed by three months I entirely spent IMing and text messaging. Hope this version doesn't make you feel like going and committing suicide, like the last one!! :P]

Step 11: The End

And You're done!!

Good day to all!!


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    10 years ago on Step 5

    the mac-look-on-XP thing (the rocket dock) is separate from Explorer, so it will continue functioning. Clicking on the show desktop icon on the mac-look-on-XP thing will start explorer, so you have to kill it as well (the process is called RocketDock.exe)


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Instead of doing serious business, you could autohide the taskbar. For a better effect drag it to the top.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Hmm, so this is just a prank? You might have mentioned that at some point (in English, not Ebonics).

    2 replies

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Well, if it isn't a prank, then why would any one in the world disable the taskbar and the desktop icons? And for the English/Ebonics matter, I didn't even know that what's submitted here has to be in refined, flawless English!


    Thanks. Out of the I-dunno-how-many comments I got, I guess your's is the only one that's positive and encouraging... that is, if it isn't sarcastic. Thanks anyway. Have a nice day!


    Really? 'coz I didn't find any of this kind when I checked for similar instuctables before publishing this one...


    dawg, OK maybe some tick posted the something before... Doesn't mean the idea is unoriginal... Coz this work isn't plagarized from some other work..... And YOU don't have any right to say this is unoriginal or something else, without knowing things... And ending the explorer.exe thing is totally of my own creation and the only one to be found.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Fair enough, to be honest I just read what other people had said, my mistake. Unoriginal does not imply copying or plagirism, just that the idea has been put forward.
    This version is much better, there are a human amount of mistakes and I will adjust my rating accordingly.
    You are clearly not unintelligent and I look forward to seeing more instructables from you.
    Good day to you.

    Harry Manback

    10 years ago on Introduction

    I'm glad this isn't a useful instructible because after step 2 I wanted to jump out a window. Please, please never post here again. I feel dumber for having read the first two steps.

    1 reply

    Oh really? That's aweful, 'coz it would have done me mighty good if you would have ACTUALLY jumped out of of your window. I could only pray you live in an appartment several stoereys high...


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    You got that right, buddy... 'em li'l critters with pointed hats hid my dictionary... (sob)...