Simple Home Bar

Introduction: Simple Home Bar

About: I am a fabrication engineer by trade and have a real passion for making things be it decorative or functional.

let's be honest who doesn't need a home bar!!!

Step 1: Frame...

Firstly I bought 2x 8ft x4ft 18mm mdf boards then made a simple template of the shape I wanted the bar to be then just cut out 3 identical shapes ( and also one 25mm larger in diameter which will be the bar top).

next step was to take one of the shapes and cut 4 notches out so the supports could be recessed and fixed into place...

Step 2: Covering

once the main frame is glued and screwed together we will now have to cover it, I used a material called leatherboard which is very flexible I did try and steam plywood around the frame but it cracked ever time ...

Step 3: Bar Top

for the bar top I shaped left over mdf strips and put a 20mm bead around the top so it will fit snuggly on top of the frame ..then sand and paint.

Step 4: Padding and Cover

Really simple this part...

wrap around some 5mm sponge glueing as you go trim the edges then just cover in any fabric you desire ..then put the top on and you are ready for a drink :)

Step 5:

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