Home Made Rc Rock Crawler From Junk

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another home made radio controlled unit from me..
again retaining my concept of only using a receiver and transmitter from a china rc car 1:24 scale, i designed and built this 1:18 scale crawler which has the capabilities of a factory made rc crawler...

no servo, shocks, differentials,etc.
all of it was home built and designed.

you can build your own too!!!!



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    sorry but i dont give my designs to anyone.. i am just sharing that toy grade parts were not the limit on making these units which has the capability of hobby grade units.. hello there and sorry to bother you.. i would like to promote the page for people like you that likes homemade rc's. there is a community page on facebook entitled homemade rc units. please like the page and you can post some of your homemade rc videos there. thank you..


    Reply 5 years ago

    Hi, first of all, good job, you constructed your own rc vehicle.

    On the other hand, I'm afraid to read that you are not giving out designs and not willing to give much details about anything.

    I can understand that maybe you want to keep the *exact* design/measures/geometry to yourself, so you are not sharing plans. this is ok and I can live with that.

    But if you are not going to explain in some detail how did you do it, or give advice and tips on design and construction, etc, then, congratulations for your RC, but this project is of no use to me.

    Also this looks like this is mistery/secret project... as with the heatskin part. Obviously it's to cool down "certain" part, but you could have explained that the controller was getting hot, because maybe you used a higher amperage mosfets to improve the basic recicled parts, or whatever reasons there might exist.

    I think that maybe you are not understanding the philosophy of this community,this is just my opinion, c'mon this is instruct-tables after all.

    Please I encourage you to explain what materials did you use, where did you got them from, eg if you used a recicled chassis or made one from scratch, and if you used wood, wire... whatever information to encourage others to make their own version. Also maybe you could explain how/why did you choose to simplify and not use servo etc, the turning mechanism and maybe also a few words on electronics. Eg, did you use stock integrated H-bridge on the china receiver? did you use another one?

    I hope you give more details on this interesting project,
    best regards!

    your question is how did i made it.

    the answer is

    1. design - use your ideas and skills, specially principles in physics.

    2. draw what you designed from scratch.

    3. built the prototype and test it.

    that's how i made it


    8 years ago on Introduction

    i can't help but notice what looks like a heatsink on there, is that a heatsink? if so, what is it for?

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Very cool. You should check out my home made rc rock crawler. Mines not built with junk though lol. https://www.instructables.com/id/Creating-a-custom-crawler/

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