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I made this yo yo using 2 peanut butter lids, 1 1" bolt, 3 nuts that fit on the bolt, a string, and a drill with a bit barely smaller than the bolt. First drill a hole through the middle of the lids. Put the bolt through the hole of one of the lids with the top pointing in, put 2 of the nuts on so it looks like -]oo-- with the o's being the bolt the ] being the lid and the - being the bolt. Tie the string around the middle using a slip knot, (Or tie any knot that does not self tighten and it will sleep.) put the second lid on with the 2 bolts touching the top of the lid. Put the 3rd nut on and tighten it so it keeps it together. It will look like -]oo[o- the reason why their is no nut on the other side is because their should be one on the end of the bolt that is attached. Give it a few throws to warm up and it will work better than most yo yo's you will get at a party or dollar store. :)



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    So it will not happen. To become a yo-yo need it to be more severe. I am your time doing one of the old freshener bathroom (it opens by turning and opened in the middle), two magnet tape and rope. With a bolt and nuts will not provide enough weight for converting kinetic energy into potential and vice versa.


    It looked like the picture.


    1 year ago


    I'm sure you could! I was mostly trying to make it easy and fast to make but if you wanted to make it better or you don't have peanut butter lids I'm sure you could make something out of wood, it would just take a bit more work. Why don't you try it and then tell us how it worked out!


    That's a unique throw.

    Somewhat helpful tips:

    ~Center the axle precisely.
    ~Rim weight will help in the long run, if youre interested in tricks.
    ~Bearing System
    ~Response, silicone stickers could do good.

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    So right! I was making this as basic as possible for those non yo-yoers but if you wanted to spend more time on it you could do that. But you would have to have the right materials and tools for that. :)