DIY Homemade CD Fan Using Battery and Motor

Introduction: DIY Homemade CD Fan Using Battery and Motor

One of the problems that many of us suffers is the power failure though, there are many solutions, thing is we need is the money to buy an invertor and to give a provision for the connection. Every one of us like inventing things. We can make use of old and even waste things to make a new invention and sure our invention will not be in vain it will definitely make a history and it may mark its position somewhere. The thing I tried out with my old and waste things is the “home made battery fan “ it will be very useful for us … though it doesn’t work for a long time one can make use of it until their requirement. Now let us learn how to make a homemade battery fan.

Requirements :

The requirements are very simple and easily available .
Things to make this fan

· Cd as the wings of the fan

· An Insulating tape

· Gear (from the car) for connecting motor with the CD

· A Motor

· A long steel or iron wire (one can get it easily from the hardware shops)

· A 9V battery

· Superglue

· A switch

Actually,i collected the motor and the lever from my old remote control car. i saw my car ( i damaged it worst) but anyhow i got some main parts of the fan.

Also see my youtube steps

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Step 1: How to Make the Stand?

First of all, take a long steel or iron wire; I used the one which is used for the construction purpose. It is not the matter that what we are going to use, we have to make the stand to be stiff that’s the matter. Bend the wire as if it looks in oval shape. Make use of your elbow to make the oval. More the thick it is, more the strong it will be. Then, bend the oval to make it as a stand. And cover it using insulating tape so that it doesn’t hurt us ,(it is a low budget home made fan. the cheaper the things you are using the more the benefit you get).

Step 2: Making the Wings( I.e; the Blade) for the Fan:

To make the wings of the

fan. Take any old CD and divide the CD in Eight fragments using the ruler and a marker. Then safely( kids should cut it under adult supervision) cut the fragments using the scissors. Now it will resemble like a wing of the fan. one can also make use of the candle to bend the CD.

Step 3: Attaching the Motor, Lever,the Wing and the Provision for Battery to the Stand :

Now attach the gear(this can be taken from the remote control car) with the wings of the fan (CD).Now it is the time to attach the motor with the wing. make use of super glue to attach the motor. Fix the provision for the battery with the stand so that the battery can be fixed permanently.

Step 4: Now It's the Time for the Connection.

Take the switch and insert two wires in the provision for on (say green and black) one is for attaching the motor with the +ve terminal of the battery and the other one is for the – ve terminal of the battery. ( for convenience i considered on as off and off as on ). Now attach another wire to off (say red) to the motor. See the picture .

Step 5: Final Placements:

Your homemade battery fan is almost ready .finally you place the battery in the provision attached to the stand and also fix the switch to it .Yes! your homemade fan with your own effort is ready to use !

Again to remind you, this is not the one which is long lasting … there are many ways to make this long lasting … Use rechargeable batteries and make use of other concepts too !

I hope this instructable will be helpful for you!

credits to my mom!

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    6 Discussions


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Good thinking!!! You can colour the CD to make it look fancy :)


    5 years ago

    That will not have any air output because it will not change the direction of the air, you need blades

    aishwarya kalpana
    aishwarya kalpana

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    yes! for that you can use candle to bend the CD so that it closely resembles blades

    aishwarya kalpana
    aishwarya kalpana

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    i reused motor and the lever attached to the motor from my old remote control toy ... Thanks for commenting !if u like it vote for me !