Homemade Arrow / Spear




Introduction: Homemade Arrow / Spear

this is my home made / ultra getto spear. super easy to make

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Step 1: The Matereals

the matereals are:
#1   duck tape
#2   a pocket knife
#3   a oarnge rod like the one i show. ( i dont know where to get one. i got mine from a walmart parking lot )

Step 2: The Steps

if you have played around with duck tape enough this is pretty easy. first make sure the orange rod is clean. second, make a three fined tail. ( this is where it is good to know how to play with duck tape ). if you did it right you should have a arrow looking tail.

Step 3: Last But Not Least

take your pocket knife and start to sharpen the other end to a point. beware though, i had a bunch of super anoying fiberglass like slivers, dam were they anoying =(. now go test it. if everything is done right you should be abel to stick it in a tree or other things...not people or animals.

Step 4: Repair

ok...if you went out and threw it at something and the end was ruined, frayed, or splinterd...so did mine. all you need to do is resharpen it and BANG good as new.
Also, after a while the duck tape end might become nasty and gross, or be torn...i dont know all the posobilities. just cut off the old and redo the fin.

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    4 Discussions


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Hmmm, I wonder if this would work as an atlatl dart? Maybe putting some stiff thin cardboard between the duct tape would strengthen the fins?


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    good idea, but it wouldn't be long enough for a dart. they are usually 5'+... i prefer my darts at 6' . i once made an 8' dart with a 2 1/2 ' bamboo fishing harpoon on it giving it a total of 10.5'. but 3-4' is too short and wont fly right... but, if you get two of those rods and splice them together with a scarf joint you will achieve you desired length. oh, and the " orange rod" is a fiberglass rod that they use in parking lots to put reflectors on, you can buy them at home depot in the signage department for about a buck a piece, but if i were you i'd go with 3/8 dowels....


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    ya or mabe thin sheet metal...hummm...i may need to ajust mine. hehe


    Possible substitutes for the shaft (the orange rod).
    - really long stick
    - long piece of bamboo
    - children's balloon holder handle thing (forgot what they called it)