Homemade Butterfly Knife




Intro: Homemade Butterfly Knife

i made a butterfly knife out of some scrap metal i had in my back yard.
these weapons are illegal in some states.

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Step 1: Homemade Butterfly Knife

first you want some scrap metal..
your gunna need a measuring tape, a disc cutter, a pen or a marker, and some nuts and bolts.
measure out the handles (what size you want) and mark the measurements.
take the disc cutter and cut out 4 handles.
do the same thing with the blade and drill 2 holes in each handle.
(making this knife may take a few tries to get it right).
take the screws and slide them threw the holes and bold them on.
you might have to grind the screws down with a bench grinder or a disc cutter.
to sharpen the blade, first shape it out to the way you want it and work on grinding it down, again, with the bench grinder or disc cutter.

Step 2: Homemade Butterfly Knife

remember to make a tang pin hole in the blade.
this is where you will find some sort of metal pin to place in the tang.
i used 2 thick wood staples and twisted them with pliers.

Step 3: Homemade Butterfly Knife

and now you butterfly knife should come out something like this-



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    that's actually the makers responsibility, knife laws differ throughout the world (as where this instructable can be seen) ;-)


    4 years ago

    Cool but i live in canada and it's illegal to have one here :(


    5 years ago on Introduction

    I just made a butterfly knife similar to yours. im new to this and I want some constructive criticism. thanks!


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Are the handles just made out of scrap metal or wood?


    8 years ago on Introduction

    just learned empty soup can doesn't count as scrap metal the way that leaves cuts allover your fingers. :( almost done with a decent wooden "practis" one


    8 years ago on Introduction

    thats the best homemade balisong iv seen 5/5 *

    i need some help
    when i was is the states i saw in an army surplus store i saw butterfly knifes that looked kinda like a nut cracker
    how could i put a groove into a stainless steel nut cracker
    plz respond
    ps sick butterfly


    8 years ago on Step 1

     That is a damn fine knife.
    Should it be easy enough to make without an angle grinder? All I've got is a hacksaw. Could get some files, but don't have any atm. Are there any substitutes for a file?

    man i wish my dremel could hamdle anything thicker than 1/16 thick steel i love this ible having troble finding metal though im thing to keep my eyes open for an old filing cabnit you think i could get that to work

    1 reply

    9 years ago on Introduction

    Nicely done, I also like the end result, with access to a lathe, one could turn some bushes for all the joints and thus behold! Nice smooth slide action. 4/5 Stars. (Not five because the images are blurry, metadata and file name suggest either a small Canon or a small Eastman Kodak was used with short ish exposure times. Should be plenty good enough for (a) sharper image(s)) On the whole, good work none the less.


    9 years ago on Step 1

    damn thats the best looking homemade balisong I've ever seen that looks like the cheap 30 dollar ones but still that take alot of skill just the most amazing work ever props man props I own a real balisong though I have a permit i live in florida


    9 years ago on Introduction

    awsome does it flip like a true butterfly knife