Homemade Candy Vending Machine




Here is a candy vending machine simple way to earn money. Here is how it's worked put a coin in the slit twist the bottle open the flap and take your candy! !!!!!!!!!!!

Step 1:

1. Take a shoe box any size you want

Step 2:

2. Take the bigger section, ( not the lid).Then take the bottle which you are using as the knob put it on the box and draw a circle from it and on the topmost side draw a small slit then take a sharp knife and cut the circle and the slit you can cut it like a hacksaw which is going to give a perfection.

Step 3:

3. Then cover the the box with a A4 sheet paper and carefully cut out the hole which we cut in the box stick it in the box.

Step 4:

4. The draw a square in the bottom and cut out both sides and the base to make it like a flip

Step 5:

5. Take the bottle and cut a square this could be a hard process .

Step 6:

6. decorate the bottle.

Step 7:

7. Decorate the box. I have also done a money chart to avoid confusions.

Step 8:

8. Take a small lid or something so that when you put the money through the slit it falls down to the lid and you can take out the money easily .Make sure it is kept straight down the slit and you don't stick it otherwise it is hard to take out the money.

And you are finished !!!!

Step 9:

9. You could make a smaller flap in the top to put the candy easily .And you can put the candy in the bottle and surprise everyone!



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    What a cute machine, and it loos like it was such fun to build! Nice job on your first instructable, hope we get to see more from you!

    1 reply