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so i wanted to make a gift for my friend. and she loves ferrero rocher but they were really expensive so i though why not make them myself. i also search on internet for some ideas but the ingredients cost a lot. So i came up with my own recipe.

hope you like it and if you do please vote.


Step 1: Ingredients

I almost recreated the exact taste of a Ferrero Rocher and everyone who tried it said this chocolate chip Rocher was almost identical in taste and texture.

The ingredients I used were:

- 5, 13oz containers of Nutella

- 1, 72oz bag of semi-sweet chocolate (I used chocolate chips, but chocolate bars can be used *as long as it's semi-sweet*; it's just more convenient to melt chocolate chips)

- 1, 8oz bag of chopped hazelnuts

- 7, wafer bowls from Carvel (or any ice cream shop)

Each chocolate chip Rocher took 2 wafer bowls, 1 container of Nutella, and an un-measured amount of semi-sweet chocolate and chopped hazelnuts for the core and outer layer.

I used wafer bowls for the crunchy part of the Mega Rocher because it was the best way to get the crunchy texture so familiar to an actual Rocher.

Step 2: Make the Filling

For the filling, melted semi-sweet chocolate was mixed with Nutella. I used 1 bowl of melted chocolate per 13oz container of Nutella.

Initially the chocolate might not seem to melt at all, but stir every minute or so, this will help with evenly melting the chocolate.

Try to get no water into the chocolate mix, otherwise your velvety smooth melted chocolate will transform into clumpy chocolate pieces. This only happened to me once, and I didn't bother figuring out if it's fixable, just considered it a snack :D

If you plan to melt chocolate bars, break or chop up the bar to provide more surface area for heat to slip in.

Step 3: Fill the Wafer Bowls

First, even out the tops of the wafer bowl with a serrated knife, to prevent spillovers. Then pour the mixture into the wafer bowls. and pop into the fridge to let it cool down and solidify.

For the solid hazelnut core, take a few big pieces of the chopped hazelnuts, use a bit of the chocolate and Nutella mixture as glue, form into a small ball of hazelnut that looks proportionate a real rocher, and placed inside every other rocher halves.

1 batch of Nutella and chocolate mixture filled 2 wafer bowls.

Step 4: Coat the Outside

While the bowls solidified, a batch of chocolate was melted and the chopped hazelnuts were mixed in.

The bag of "chopped" hazelnuts I bought contained mighty big size pieces, so the hazelnuts were put through a food processor to make it a bit more finely chopped.

Once the filling is solid, coat the outside of the bowl with the melted chocolate and hazelnut mixture and pop back in the fridge, filling side down. *I recommend laying out aluminum foil to prevent any possible mess in the fridge*

Step 5: Unite the Halves

After the outer shell has dried, take each bowl and using the serrated knife to level off the top of the bowls, so 2 bowl halves mesh with each other.

Use a thin layer of melted chocolate to glue the top and bottom halves of the rocher and chill it in the fridge.

I had created 7 halves so I can give 3 chocolate chip Rochers and have a halve to sample so none of the whole rochers would be sacrificed on the spot.

You might realize that together the halves don't form a perfect sphere like a real Ferrero Rocher, but it's close enough, given the structural ingredient used.

Step 6: Finishing Touches

The chocolate chip Rochers can be given as is, but 80% of a gift is presentation, specially food based gifts.

I didn't have time to make big version's of the brown paper cups, so I only printed out enlarged versions of the Ferrero Rocher logo on sticker paper (and put on 3 layers of clear nail polish to give it a glossy finish), crinkled up gold gift wrap paper, covered up the chocolate chip Rocher with the crinkled gift wrap, taped it to prevent unraveling, and stuck the logo on.

Overall making and finishing 3 and a half chocolate chip Rochers took around 10 hours, including the time in the fridge and time that it took to learn and experiment.

If there are any suggestions of recommendations that could make future versions better, feel free to comment.

Step 7: Final Product

Thank you for reading my recipe.

If you liked it pleaseeeeeeeeeeee vote for me.



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    7 Discussions


    3 years ago

    This sounds amazing but why did you enter it for the Halloween contest?


    3 years ago on Introduction

    Don't call them Rochers... Call them instant heart attacks at 1.8 pound a pop!

    If your friend survived the first batch, you might wanna try lightly smashing some cornflakes for the crunchy bits on the next (don't worry, she'll perish soon enough - just experiment). Roast the cornflakes lightly with sugar and/or similar healthy stuff, to help her build nice curves ;)

    A wee bit of coffee in the blend might help reduce the potential for throat burn.


    3 years ago

    Quick tips from a chef:
    -What you're trying to make for the center is a ganache. Add a bit of heavy cream and stir like heck before adding your nutella to get the right texture.
    -Before "gluing" the halves, set them together and use a sharp paring knife to even up the edges. Then "glue" with chocolate mixture, and roll in chocolate hazelnut mix (you'll end up with a smoother finished piece).
    -For an adult spin, add a bit of dark rum or brandy to the ganache before adding nutella.

    This is an awesome recipe, and I can't wait to try more of yours!


    3 years ago

    Fauxrraro Rocher! :)


    3 years ago on Introduction

    These look and sound delicious. You are a great friend! I would vote for you, but your Instructable is not entered into any contests!