Homemade "cooler Scooter"




i got bored and decided to create a so called cooler scooter for my kid. all I needed was a bucket, wire ties, razor motor scooter, and a glue gun

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Step 1: Supplies

first I got all my supplies i needed

Step 2: Put Together

first you get around 7 to 10 wire ties and leave one open before tightening 

Step 3: Put Together

then you put your box or tub onto the scooter and put the wire ties around it. If wanted you could put multiple sets of ties on for better protection.

Step 4: Put Together

than you tie them together tight so it doesn't fall. Make sure you have the glue gun beside you if you want it to be stabler. 

Step 5: Put Together

now that you are tight, if you want put a drum peddle on the front with glue. 

Step 6: Relax

i gave this to my son and he loved it. he wouldn't get off of it so that's a good. this is around a 150 dollar process of if you have this stuff around the house it would be free and easy. its sure beats buying your son a 400 dollar scooter but if you want to here's the link http://www.cruzincooler.com/parts%20products/50series/50%20sellall.htm

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    While putting halloween stuff away today we stuck my 1yo grandsons sit and play scooter in a large tote and he was safe and happy for HOURS, I just had to laugh at how ironic this posting was. Thank you for sharing