Homemade Gameklip for Tablet

after watching you tube for a few home made gameklip wire hangers and other methacrylate for smartphones
I made my own version for tablets with a few pieces of wood and aluminum profiles I found out there cutting aluminum with dremel to enter in the middle of the sticks with another piece of wood I cut to fit the top of the controller with other pieces of wood and some aluminum angle tweezers made to fit my tablet then mount it all and so I stay let the idea that you conformed to the measure of your tablet and materials that you find or buy some I went to my free at a time you you can make your "ghetto shield" greetings to all

Step 1: Aquí Podéis Ver Mejor Los Detalles Del Montaje

Step 2: Gameklip V2.0

después de unos días jugando con mi primer modelo he cambiado la disposición de la tabletas para que el peso sea mas equilibrado y mas cómodo para jugar



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