Homemade Glowing Water and Glowing Stick





Introduction: Homemade Glowing Water and Glowing Stick

Haloween is getting near so I decided to make a glowing sticks out of pen

Step 1: Materials

you'll need is highlighter, hbw pen (or any pen), sealant, UV light, cup, water

Step 2: Highlighter

get your highlighter

Step 3: Uv LIGHT

get your uv light and put it on the side of the water

Step 4: Chemistry

get your highlighter and mixed up with water then wait until the water glow

Step 5: Almost Done

this is what it looks like but my glowing water is not glowy so i decided to put uv light later when it transfer in a pen

Step 6: Transfer

transfer the water in the pen

Step 7: Sealant

get your sealant and by the way you can buy this at hardware this is a never wet material

Step 8: Squeeze IT

squeeze the sealant until comes up

Step 9: Apply

apply the sealant into the pen so the glowing water will never spill

Step 10: Not Working?

put the uv light in the side so the water glow

Step 11: Much Better

this is what it looks like this can glow in the dark



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    4 Discussions

    yes because my uv light is not enough to make it brighter

    to save money and recycle

    This is cool, but why all the hassle when good quality glow sticks are only 1$?