Homemade Vas

Introduction: Homemade Vas

if you want to surprise your mummy the homemade vas is the best choice

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Step 1: Needed Equipments

-wooden pinzas
-any round can
-golden spray
-artificial flowers

Step 2: Untightening Wooden Pinzas

untighten wooden pinzas

Step 3: Spraying the Wooden Pinzas

spray the wooden pinzas

Step 4: Gluing the Pinzas

glue the pinzas all around the can

Step 5: Putting the Flowers

put the artificial flowers in the vas

Step 6:

"wish you'll like it"

please give me likes

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    2 years ago

    Very nice, very quick. One thing.....it's spelt Vase not Vas. Vas is a generic term for an anatomical vessel or duct, (tube).