Homemade Windmill Decoration

Introduction: Homemade Windmill Decoration

use it to decorate your garden or just play with it. *pocket sized contest-use only one pen for pocket sized windmill*

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Step 1: Supplies

supplies:1-4 pens *depending on how tall you want it to be* (one needs to be round stick) or anything else similar like chopsticks.
:duct tape or something else that can stick pens together
:two milk caps or anything else similar
:a milk carton or some other kind of plastic, unless you want to use something else.
:2 water/soda bottle cap (plastic) or anything similar.

Step 2:

you have a choice of leaving the caps on the pens on or off. i took them off, and i think i should have left them on. so i recommend you keep them on.

Step 3:

lign the pens like so: (refer to the picture)

Step 4:

tape the pens together. make sure you wrap them real tight in tape so they are stable. i didn't add enough tape in the picture, so add more than i did. the more you add the better, but don't get carried away.

Step 5:

add just a few more, although it may not stand up correctly if you add too much. if you want to you can just have one pen instead of multiple. i used four.

Step 6:

now take the round stick pen and lign it up with the top pen like so: (refer to the picture

make sure the top of the top pen is the end not the point.

Step 7:

tape the round stick to the pens. i ripped skinny strips of duct tape off to secure it. make sure it doesn't wiggle much on the pens.

Step 8:

now you need to make the "propellar" part. take a water bottle cap and poke a hole in it so that the roundstick can fit in it. you can use the pen to puncture it, then scrape some extra plastic off so it will fit looosy on the round stick. repeat with other cap.

Step 9:

lign the caps together and stick the round stick through both holes to see if it fits nice and a little loose. if it fits in sideways, adjust your holes so it fits in straight.

Step 10:

tape the caps together snuggly.

Step 11:

now you need to take your milk carton (or whatever your using) and mark four propellers. you make more if you want to but all you need is four.

Step 12:

cut out the pieces. you can make them different, but they work better if there the same shape. i made one pair of same shapes and another same pair. it's best if you kept them all the same though.

Step 13:

to make them alike, place one over the other and cut any extra plastic that over laps.

Step 14:

once you are done shaping the propellers, tape them on the caps. make sure you tape it on sideways like in the picture. tape all pieces the same way.

Step 15:

once you get them all taped on curl them upward like a bowl. make sure your on the front side (the left side is in the front right in the back)

Step 16:

now take the milk caps (or whatever your using) and punch a hole in the middle. you can use the pen to punch them. don't scrape extra plastic off these; they need to fit tight. once you make them put one on the stick like so:

Step 17:

put the propeller on. make sure the propellers point curling up.

Step 18:

now add the last milk cap. make sure the propeller caps slide back and forth just a little bit , and spins freely. once you do that tape (or glue) the caps securely on the round stick.

Step 19:

done! if you secured the pens tight enough, you'll be able to stick it in the ground and it will stay. if it leans (it probably will) add more tape until it works. i'm not sure how well it spins in the wind, but if you blow on it from the right side it will spin like crazy.

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    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    i know i was going to add a step where you can paint it but i was like too tired to make it. also you could probably glue it all together with some kind of epoxy or something.