Homestuff Little But Powerful Playdough Gun

Introduction: Homestuff Little But Powerful Playdough Gun

i'm going to show you how to make a playdough gun. don't get fooled by the size of the gun, its very powerful. if the shot is done right, it could reach the object from 2 meters of distance. you can make it from things that everybody have in home. now, i'll show you what things...

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Step 1: Materials

all are things that you can find in your home:

-a cork
-a cheap pen
-a little water baloon
-strong glue
-steel press or whatever

Step 2: Construction

-unmount the pen reducing it only to the tube. make sure that the tube have the 2 sides opened.

-put the baloon in one of the endings and pull it down untill its like in the picture.

-cut the cork like in the picture and keep with the remaining piece.

-cut the remaining piece of cork untill it fits (as in the picture).

-glue the pen tube to the cork and put the piece.

-use the press to hold the gun while it dries, make it tight. press it by the 2 sides (again, as in the picture).

Step 3: Using

take a little piece of playdough and put it in the tube, then pull back the baloon and loose it.
you can use other materials like a metal tube, ceramic balls and a wood or metal tube for the grip.
i'm not resposible for any injury that you can cause to you or your friends.

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