Hot Cocoa Gift Ornaments

Introduction: Hot Cocoa Gift Ornaments

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in this quick, cheap, ANDDD simple instructable I'll show you how to make a pretty cool and neat way to make gift ornaments of your choice with very few items :) these shown are hot Cocoa ornaments. enjoy!

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Step 1: Get Your Items!

first you need the ornaments which I got at Walmart for 96 cents a piece. there big and plastic, I got 12. next you need the filler! I got a big can of nesquik, some peppermint mini marshmallows, some Christmas colored chocolate chips, and for a little extra color and taste I threw a few m & ms in each as well.

Step 2: Fillem Up!

pretty much self explanatory, but what I did was first line up all the ornaments, filled each one up with equal amounts of cocoa mix, then I added the marshmallows, then the chips and m&ms! there quick and fun and everyone loves hot chocolate! you can substitute any of the ingredients listed, less sugar, sugar free etc.. give them to friends and family and have happy holidays :) thanks all! big ups and recognition to my girlfriend for showing this lovely work to me =) xo!

Step 3: Spread the Love

happy holidays!!!

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