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Introduction: Hot Glue Hurricane

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this is really just an idea, but I want to throw it up and see if anyone can make something with it. It involves a stick of hot glue, and a hot air gun. It's not a good(safe) idea

Step 1:

I was building something, and couldn't find my hot glue gun, so I held a hot air gun(actually a paint stripping gun, but I think even a hair dryer would work) up to a glue stick to melt it. It melted, but if I wasn't careful to continually rotate the stick, a drip of glue would come down, and get blown about 10 feet downwind. It makes these really cool trails of hot glue that harden very quickly into wierd squiggle patterns(possibly capturing the air currents they travel through?)

Step 2: Anyway, I Just Thought I'd Throw It Up Here and See What People Do With It. Be Careful Not to Burn Yourself, and Try It Out. Let Me Know What You Come Up With ( Happy Happy



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    you could make a hot glue spider web or net and catch bugs with it!!!

    ohhh... I wonder what happens if you put a gluestick into a cotton candy machine!

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    I read the title and thought it was on how to make a spiraling bead of hot glue look like a hurricane. Fix step #3 ;-)

    i use hot air guns and propane torches for hot glue more often than i use the glue guns simply because many substrates (such as metal) require preheating for adequate adhesion if you're good enough, you can use hot glue and form it into sculptures with a hot air gun ,water and an ice cube. or you can get the glue strings everywhere

    We used to use a hot glue gun to make great fake cobwebs for halloween fun. Just hold up an air nozzle attached to an air compressor to the hot glue coming out of the gun. Practice it a bit and you can get some pretty realistic cobwebs

    I'm off topic here, but hot glue and a hot air gun are used to make good waterproof splices on electrical wiring. The process changes slightly from tech to tech but it works something like this. Select heatshrink large enough to cover both your wires and the coating of hot glue. Slided it onto the wires and out of the way. Twist the wires together (in-line) and cover evenly with hot glue from a hot glue gun. Do your best keep out air bubbles. Let it cool. Slide the heat shrink over the glued splice and shrink it over the hot glue with hot air gun. The glue will liquify again. Some techs squeeze the hot glue out to the edges of the heat shrink. This type of splice has been successfully used in harsh marine environments on research ships. Marine grade (adhesive) heat shrink is typically used.

    I heard that a airblast + hotglue technique was developed some years ago for the movie Arachnophobia to create all the webs.

    At any rate, here's a link to how to rig up such a web-sprayer yourself as long as you have access to compressed air.