House for Stray Cats

Introduction: House for Stray Cats

new england..blizzard '15 ..we noticed that the stray cats that wander the neighborhood were digging themselves out from under porches and sheds and not a cat person at all but seeing them so cold and helpless broke my heart, so we decided to make a little nest for the stray we feed and call "boxhead"

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Step 1: Get a Nice Sturdy Box

you'll need a nice sized box either made out of wood or cardboard

Step 2: Materials

old pillow
staple gun

Step 3: Make a Doorway

i cut out a little door just big enough for a cat

Step 4: Insulate the Inside Walls

i found a old pillow that i ripped the stuffing from. layed the stuffing out evenly the staple gunned the stuffing down. then i cut pieces of cardboard and layed them down over the stuffing and staple gunned the pieces down

Step 5: Legs and Hinges

i added legs with wheels which i forgot to take a photo of and added a door on top for easier access while feeding..i also add a latch hook to keep the door closed

Step 6: Bedding and Food

i lined the bottom of the box with tons of scrap cardboard pieces,added the remainder of my stuffing then added a platform for food and water

Step 7: Add Food and Watch Em Come Running

put this out on my porch and covered it with a tarp for my own peace of mind but you might wanna add a tarp if you make yours out of cardboard..thanks

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    I've found that cats - especially feral cats - prefer spaces that have two openings, probably so they always have a means of escape.