House of Popsicle Sticks

Introduction: House of Popsicle Sticks

This is an instructable of how you can make a house made of popsicle sticks. it will only take about 30 minutes or more even  up to 1 hour if you are going to make it very elaborate it is just a fancy word for fancy. LOL(laugh out loud). dthis project will take your breath away becoming very addicting pulling you away from the TV (even though I find the TV to be Very addicting and entertaining). While you do the project I recommend listening to a CD or Your MP3 Player and/or drinking a soda.IN my house you can see the paper, but this paper can be cut.

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Step 1: Materials

you will need
popsicle sticks (at least 100)
liquid glue
soda or a drink that satisfies thirst (this may become very important if you become thirsty).
A CD with music you like a lot (so that you can enjoy the time alone).

Step 2: Set Yourself a Sketch Plan (blueprints)

choose how you're going to make the house. my house is very simple . it was just a quick project.

Step 3: Glue the House Together

Glue the house together according to your plans(blueprints).when I created my house I used the paper to make the angle and the roof. this step is very important because if you glue the house together using too much glue or used too little glue, your house may break or tear apart.

Step 4: Let Glue Dry

Let the hose dry for as long as your glue's instructions say you should let it dry. I usually let it dry for at least 24 hours or over night.

Step 5: Finish Up!!!

Once your project is done, turn your MP3 player off if the battery didn't waste yet. show it off to your friends. Call your friends and invite the over to a grill-out or barbecue.

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    This is a fine start.
    You'll get better at Instructables as you go along.
    Do more.
    Read more.
    And comment or encourage everybody.
    It matters.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Next time you do this, take pictures as you go along so you can show how it's built in steps.