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The Clapper is a gadget that uses a sound-activated switch sensitive to hand clapping, to turn off and on any appliance that is plugged into it depending on the number of times you clap.

Step 1: Clapper Circuit Diagram


C1 = 741 OP AMP
C2 = 555 TIMER
C3 = 4013 Dual D Flip Flop
Q1 = 2N2222 NPN
C1, C2, C3, C4 = .1 uF DISC
C5 = .47 uF Electrolytic
R1, R2, R4, R5, R10 = 10,000 ohms
R6 = 150,000 ohms
R7, R9 = 100,000 ohms
R8 = 1 megaohm
R11 = 220 ohms
R3 = 100,000 ohm trimmer POT
B1 = 9v Battery
K1 = SPST reed Relay 5v DC coil
MIC = Electronic Microphone

Step 2:

What happens inside a CLAPPER:
it has an audio amplifier that has a limiter on the input. Any audio signals that are below a particular threshold will not get through.
When the sound pressure level gets above a certain level it triggers the amplifier which is set to clip – switch on.
This on signal is the trigger to turn on the lights.



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Good God... How could I get all these stuff? Uoooo.... i want to make this device so much, but have no idea how to get the parts.

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Check for your local electronics store or any electrician, they know where to get the part. Also search online for component. google usually advertise and show you who around selling part you need.

oh wow, mother of necro. :D

this comment is 5 years old, and many things changed. now i have several years of work experience behind me, and getting stuff like this isn't a problem anymore. i will make it for sure, but i have many running projects now so it has to wait. :D

damn dude im not from usa... and you should know 94% of the worlds population is not from there -.-

I'm sorry I didn't know you weren't in the USA. If you don't mind waiting a little while for the parts to come in, ships internationally, otherwise I can't help you...

its ok... its only annoying, that you have lots of useful pages, but nobody thinks of us O_o

I don't understand. In your pictures I see a diode, 2 extra transistors and a second electrolytic capacitor that don't appear in your circuit diagram. Am I missing something?

can u plz...put an better pic of the it is hardly visible...

How many times for on and how many times for off? Can you deside how many claps that trigger on and off?

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hey dude... what are the ic no. (ic1,ic2,ic3) ????????

so nice .........!
it was my project also in Associate Engineering.

Phew. If it wasn't for that second picture, i would be lost.

is there any way to diy make a really small one of these? i am making a clay castle for an art project and i want to put in a small lighting system -- there is no good place for a switch so this is the only way i got

I made the clapper one time out of a electronic project kit (those ones that you connect the wires where it tells you to and you can make tons of things) and it was a really easy only if i could find it.

The a very innovative in using sound waves for commanding a gadget to on and off. Particularly the light bulb