How to Add Speakers to a Sony Soundbar

This will show you how to add speakers to a Sony soundbar quick and easy!

Step 1: Materials

-screw driver

-black tap

-16 or 18 gauge car stereo speaker wire ( bought at walmart around 10 buck for 100ft!)

-Quick Connectors 22 to 16 gauge should work just fine.

-the speakers you want to connect to the soundbar with.

Step 2: Removing Screws and the Cover

on my Sony soundbar I had 17 screws including the legs on the bottom to take out. After you take all the screws and the legs off you should be ready to open up your soundbar.

Step 3: Taking a Look.

This step may seem or be a little difficult but in the end it pays off...

Okay, the first step in this part is to look where your speakers are in your sound bar. Mine are on the far left and far right. There is foam like stuff covering the wire in most of the soundbar but on both sides there are 2 wires on each side one red and the other black that are visable. After you have found the two wires make sure to test it out before wiring and putting everything back together. Connect your set of speaker wired to the 2 connectors I've pointed at in the picture. adding up red=red black=black. play some music and see if the set of speakers work. If so you have done properly!!!

Step 4: Wiring Them Together!

After testing you are just about ready! I ran my 2 wired from the back of the soundbar to make in less visable. once you've done that, run 1 wire to the left side and 1 to the right. After you have found the connection wire use the Quick Connectors to snap on the wires easily. (you can solder them on i just didn't want to mess anything up). After that you are almost there!

Step 5: Finishing Touches.

Tap down the wire inside the soundbar to the cover so it don't bother any of the other stuff. Now you are ready to put back in the screws and legs of your soundbar! Once you have ran your wire you are ready to connect the speaker. After that your DONE!!!



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    5 Discussions


    4 weeks ago

    I vaguely remember the basics, but wouldn't doing so compromise the amplifier by lowering the resistance of the speakers?


    3 years ago

    good idea but please try to do things the right way a little research can go along way just some friendly advice to a fellow maker

    1 reply

    3 years ago on Introduction

    I remember adding speakers to various amps in a similar fashion. Great idea!