How to Be a Headcrab Zombie.

About: hello im am gordonfreemanisalive 23. i am a huge fan of half life , legos , portal, and cod black ops 2 zombies.

this is a guide to teach you how to be a headcrab zombie from half life 2.

Step 1: Supplies

fake blood.




(i got the headcrab at

aluminum foil

red paint

Step 2: Final Construction

put the fake blood on the shirt and pants, then, put on the headcrab

Step 3: The Hands .

get the aluminum foil and shape it to the claws and paint red, put on youre hands.

then paint youre hands red

Step 4: Act Like One.

curl up your hads and limp.

to speak like on say this:

yaaba my icing, oh, god help, help me! ahh!

Step 5: And Youre Done!!

you are now a headcrab zombie !

hope you enjoyed, Happy halloween.



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