How to Become a Master at Five Nights at Freddy's 1,2 and 3



Introduction: How to Become a Master at Five Nights at Freddy's 1,2 and 3

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If you are already beaten all 3 games this will be of no use to you

Remember audio cues are the most important

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Step 1: How to Beat the First Game

First of all none of these really explain how to beat all animatronics ICS at 20. But I will tell you how to get to night six Freddy is intense and checking the cameras once in a while might help
Beating the first night is easy but once you get to night 4 and on you will need this technique

The only camera you should check is the pirates cove and that's if foxy is really out of hand and, repeat the steps of checking the camera and then checking both lights. If bonnie or Chica appears just close door and wait for them to go away. It took me a week to beat the fifth night but you can do it

Step 2: The 2nd Game

On the third night on,you need to put up the camera wind up the music but for 4 or 5 seconds and when rotate it off you Put on the mask if there is no animatronic then take it off. After youths check both vents and if anybody is there put othemask then repeat. Balloon boy will laugh 4 times before he will appear. Don't check any other cameras except prize corner ? and foxy is gonna get ya I promise

Step 3: The Third Game

To beat this game I think it is easier than the other games I beat in in like an hour but I'm still helping u along.

Its all about chance which vent PG (or what you may call him spring trap). Goes into. And against all about audio cues. Ideally he should be Lou red into cam 8 and if he goes else where you could either let him keep going you so you could block him in a vent. But if he is on the other side of the place then it won't work..
I am not sure if you can lour him the next room and the the next eventually into cam 8 but if he gets in your hallway or doorway just keep on staring at him. If it is 3 am or more it may work

Step 4: If This Doesn't Work Ur Doing It Wrong ?

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