How to Build a Cardboard Action Figure




Introduction: How to Build a Cardboard Action Figure

this instructable is how to build a cardboard action figure. Let's get started

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Step 1: Gather Your Materials

you will need

1. lots of corrogated cardboard
2.lots of hot glue and hot glue gun
3. 5 big nails
4.paint (if you want)
5.strong scissors
6. something to cut nails with

Step 2: Making the Torso

you will need to cut out the basic shape of the torso about 16 times and glue together the layers.
the basic shape of the product and all of everything put together (just to give you a heads up, you can always just go off the picture.)

Step 3: Making the Arms

look at the picture for the shape and cut out 16 to 20 of those and glue them together (measurements
don't really matter make the body parts as big ,small or whatever after all its your figure)
and you will have to do this twice for two arms

Step 4: Making the Forearms

what we're doing her is making a basic rectangle in layers for the forearms cut out about 10 squares
glue them together and that is your forearms. Make sure you do this twice as well

Step 5: Making the Hands

look at he picture and get the shape down make 8 layers for each hand and glue together
to make a right and left just make 2 of the same and flip one upside down and make hand details

Step 6: Making the Arms Move

put one nails through both of the upper arms like so

Step 7: Get the Torso Out

in this part i put a head on it I'm not going in to the head making part I'm leaving that up to you

Step 8: Making the Waist

glue 12 squares together to make the waist

Step 9: Making the Waist Pt.2

glue 5 medium sized rectangles together and glue to upper waist like so

Step 10: Make the Legs and Feet

look at picture to get the shape of legs layer 20 pieces of cardboard in shape of legs and glue together

to make feet just layer cardboard in a foot form and glue together

Step 11: Test Fit Parts

look at picture ,the picture will show whats up push your parts together and the only nail that should stick out is at the the hip cut that one down or use smaller nail (your choice) i was lazy if everything works out paint add details and whatever and you are done

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    i hate to admit it, but yours is WAY better than mine. don't even look at mine XP


    10 years ago on Introduction

    i made one, but instead of using just nails, i made a ball at the end so the arms and legs can move around more

    cah el
    cah el

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Cool can't wait to see it


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Easy to follow instructions, and a final robot that in my opinion, looks pretty sweet!