How to Build a Dolly/shop-companion!




Introduction: How to Build a Dolly/shop-companion!

About: i like to build stuff, create programs, hack computers, give/host challenges, and the scary part of all this is, not even in high school!!!!!!! may be afew days maybe 2 years... you decice

ok, this is my first instructable, so please leave me comments on how to improve, i have alot of tools in my dad's shop, so suggestions for new instructables are appreciated, 

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Step 1: Materials:

ok; here are the things you are going to need;)
youwill need:
1. a board, the body
2.  swivel wheels
3. drill, sadly, my father only lets me use the hand one:(
4.  a drill bit that matches the size of the bolt(s) on your swivel wheels, in my  case, it was 5/16"
5. nuts or tops for the bolt,( mine came with the shelves i got)
these are optional!!!!!!!!;)
foam, i used the foam bag that surrounded our new monitor:)
2.  scizorz, to cut the foam

Step 2: Drilling the Holes

use the drill bit to drill holes in the 4 corners of the board to put the wheels in!

Step 3: Screw in Da Weels!

title says it all, but make sure that the bolts fit!!!!!

Step 4: Foaming!!!!!!

place foam on board, cut holes for da bolts and force it on, then put on the nuts & then cut off all exess foam,

Step 5: You Iz Finished

enjoy!!! tou can paint &/or customize your finished product. put your pics in da comments!!

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    6 Discussions


    8 years ago on Step 5

    You can buy different caster wheels that don't need to be bolted through the timber.

    Or another way to stop the bolts from marring what ever your moving use another peice of timber with holes large enough to go over the nuts. This will give you a nice flat surface and a wider board will give you more stability.

    Well done on your first Instructable.


    8 years ago on Step 5

    Remark the holes in the carpet!

    I constructed two similar to this approx 15 years ago and didn't install a soft covering.
    My board was glued two 3/4 plywood pieces, approx your lengths but 12+" wide.
    Down one side of the board, drill three finger sized holes 3/4-1" dia for three fingers to carry that sucker, similar to a bowling ball (thats why they put holes in bowling balls). Place the hole approx 2" from the edge having the middle hole a little more inward to make a comfortable fit.

    Whats great about these dollies, one can use them as roll-around stools working on the vehicles or what not, anything low in the garage or driveway.
    Good job, Lad. Next time make um wider so it will not flip with ya, dropping you on the floor while washing the car wheels. Keep having fun. :)


    If you have an old rug and a staple-gun.
    Staple the rug around the board and cut off the excess.

    or just remove the foam all-together.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    also plz tell other ppl about this cuz i need at least 1 follower


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    good idea! i actually have both of those! and i actually removed the foam because it looked ugly, and it was really just anexampe of what youcould do to pad it. this is what it looks like w/out the foam, i took these pics for you