How to Build a Model Rocket by Holden



Introduction: How to Build a Model Rocket by Holden

-  safety glasses
- 2 Liter empty soda/pop bottle
- 2 cups of water
- 1 cup of vinegar
- food colouring of your choice optional (will show the stream of water clearly)
- 2 TBsp. baking soda
- paper towel
- cork
- some duct tape
- screw (about 3 Inches)
- piece of wood to launch rocket from and any flat surface (rocks/wood foundation in a park)

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Step 1: How to Build a Model Rocket

Step 1 Test to make sure cork fits tightly into top of bottle.  If necessary,  use duct tape around cork to ensure a tight seal with bottle.

Step 2:

Step 2 Pour water into the pop bottle 2 cups full.  Mix food coloring with vinegar ( 1 cup) and pour into the bottle.

Step 3:

Step 3 For baking soda packet: Take half sheet of paper towel: 4 by 11".  Put baking soda in middle of paper towel ( 2 table spoons ) and fold/wrap like a burrito with ends sealed tightly..ensure its narrow enough to fit into top of bottle.

Step 4:

Step 4 For launch pad: Put the screw into the piece of wood (2 x 12 x 10) with pointed end out so that cork fits onto screw on the launch pad. Make sure that  the crock fits in the bottle neck snugly. If it doesn't fit shave off some of the crock with a pocket knife.   Push cork onto wood board on a flat outdoor surface.

Step 5:

Step 5 With adult supervision: QUICKLY insert the baking soda packet into bottle.  Invert the launch pad with cork onto the bottle.  Then turn over the whole contraption so that bottle is on its head and the board on the ground.  (The chemical reaction will now start)

Step 6:

Step 6 Move away quickly and observe the launch from afar.  Bottle will suddenly and with tremendous speed, pop off the launch pad and shoot in the air, trailing the colored water.

Step 7:

If desired, you can experiment with the water, vinegar and baking soda solution to attain different heights.
You can change the food coloring
You can experiment with making fins for the rocket to ensure stability or even add a parachute.

Step 8:

Have fun with it

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