How to Change the Appearance of Your Desktop.




Hi I'm writing about how to change the appearance of your desktop (microsoft)

Step 1: How to Change Appearance of Your Desktop Microsoft 7

1. Go to your desktop.
2. Right click.
3. Go to (personalize), a window will appear.
4. At the below box which says aero themes (7) click what background image do you want you want.

To choose the background you want
1. Search the picture you want.
2. Select the picture.
3. Right click.
4. Click (save image as...)
5. Save it to where you want with the name.
6. Go to where you saved your image.
7. Select the image and right click the image.
8. Click (save as background).
And there you go.

and for my classmates I got you guys an excercise:

try changing your desktop



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    3 years ago on Introduction

    This is great! Sometimes it's hard to find those little settings that can be changed on any OS. Thanks for the reminder!