How to Charge the MediaTek LinkIt ONE Battery and Check the Battery Level

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Intro: How to Charge the MediaTek LinkIt ONE Battery and Check the Battery Level

One of my favorite things about the LinkIt ONE board is its battery. It is part of what makes the board so portable and more able to accomplish some really neat feats compared to an Arduino. To charge the battery, change the power switch on the board from USB to battery, plug in the battery, and plug the board into either a computer or a USB phone charger.

Step 1: Check the Battery Level

  1. To check the battery level, plug the board into your computer and set the program mode to UART.
  2. In Arduino, set the board type to LinkIt ONE (Tools > Board >LinkIt ONE).
  3. Then go to File > Examples > LBattery > Battery. A new sketch will pop up with the battery example code in it.
  4. Compile (check mark in the top left), then run (arrow icon next to compile).
  5. After it finishes uploading, click the Serial monitor icon (top right).
  6. The serial monitor will print what percent charged your board is every second.

I used my board pretty heavily off and on for a week without charging and it only lost 34% of its charge.



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