How to Cheat in Plaffy Bird and in Some Games [android Only(ROOTED)]

i just want to share my knowledge about cheating in android..sorry for my english..

your phone must be rooted..

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Step 1: Installing


you can also use "blackmarket" app to download "smanager"

Step 2: Check the Score

i got only 4..hahahah..

Step 3: Cheating

open "smanager"
there will be a prompt the click browse as root..
if the prompt does not appear..
go to advance-configuration then check browse as root.

now go to the root of the phone then find /data/data/com.dotgears.plaffybird

open the shared.prefs

long press the xml upper part

open as text

use smanager edit then open directly

change the value of score into your desired value..

then save

Step 4: Checking

now check the score of your plaffy bird

Step 5: This Can Be Use Also in Other Games

Step 6:

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