How to Clean and Shine Boots




Intro: How to Clean and Shine Boots

today I will be teaching you how 8 clean and shine my cowboy boots.

Step 1: First We Half to Knock of All of the Dirt Globs.

you can knock them of with your hand or something else. Don't use any sharp or pointy objects to avoid scuffs or even cuts in your leather!!!!

Step 2: Now Wipe Off the Mud or Dirt From the Boot or Shue

this is easier if the cloth is wet but make sure you don't let the water dry on the boot to prevent damage to the leather.

Step 3: Now That U Got All of the Mud of Of Them Then U Want to Give Them a Good Shine (this Is Optional)

This is optional you don't half to shine your boots if you don't want to. but if you don't or even if you do u should oil your boots.

Step 4: Now You Are Done Thanks for Watching My Instructible.



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    4 Discussions


    4 years ago

    neatsfoot oil works well that's what I use anyways


    4 years ago

    What oil could u use besides mink oil