How to Creaate a Stop Motion Film




Introduction: How to Creaate a Stop Motion Film

first create a scene like a tabletop. for my example i used a lego template make sure if it is a movable object it is secured i used packing tape. i use a kodak easyshare camera. i put it in it's stand. i have the character in the scene

Step 1: How to Bring the Character to Life

to make him move each picture move his body slightly you see his helmet moved slightly

Step 2: Making the Scene

repeat until you are satisfied

Step 3: Editing

i reccoment windows movie maker. put each image duration a fourth of a second: 00.20

Step 4: Finish

i n conclusion, you can use sound recorder for voices. also if you play the video it will make toys live. you MUST be paitent. here are the results of my pics



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    6 Discussions

    this is the same way you make claymations...(clay-mations)....

    I agree. Put the camera on a tripod or tape it down. But good job just the same

    Very cool. I also used legos for stop motion when I was a kid-- although it didn't turn out as well as yours.