How to Create a Blog in Tumblr

Introduction: How to Create a Blog in Tumblr

First, go to .
You will see three empty textbox’s .

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Step 1: Details

Next , write your e-mail in the first box.
Write a password in the second box
Then , write a unique username in the
last box , and press sign up .

Step 2: Age and Submit

After that , write your age , check
the small box ,and press done .

Step 3: Search for Blogs

Then, search for whatever you’re
interested in .

Step 4: Follow

Follow five blogs , and then press next
step .

Step 5: About Your Blog

After that , choose a title and
description , or add a photo if
you wish .

Step 6: Email

Last , check your e-mail . You will
receive  a message from tumblr.
Click on it .

Step 7: Verify

Verify your email address by
clicking on the big button .
And that’s it .

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