How to Create a Cage Braid




Introduction: How to Create a Cage Braid

it's a cool twist to a french braid. it's simple to understand and you can do it yourself. 

 all you need is hair, a hair tie, bobbie pins,a spray bottle filled with water, and hair spray,

Step 1: Step One

wet the hair with water. if the person your working on has bangs just separate them from the braid.
you pull back all of the hair and tie it up with a hair tie.

at the top of your ponytail grab a small\meduim size amount of hair and divide that into three sections 

Step 2: Step Two

start by normal braiding the hair but only two or three times. than start adding kinda small amounts of hair that we divided and left there from the first step.

MAKE SURE that when your adding the new pieces of hair to the braided hair that it's being adding downwards. if you cross over the new piece of hair with the braided hair  the end result won't work 

and keep repeating this step until you have no more hair to add

Step 3:

when you run out of hair to add just braid the rest of the hair normally. 

when your finished that just tie it with a hair tie

the hair should look like pictures four and five 

Step 4:

when your done tying the hair up you have to grab the third or forth piece braided and lift up. 

attack the piece you lifted up and pin it to the top of your head, right before where you started to braid.

Step 5: The End Result

just hair spray it and your finished 

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