How to Create a Low Budget Movie Part 2

Introduction: How to Create a Low Budget Movie Part 2

if you havent already first read "how to create a low budget movie" before reading this instructable.

hello and welcome again to how to create a low budget movie. in this instructable i will give you more tips and tricks on making your no-budget movie.

Step 1: Preparation

youve probably heard of movie scripts and storyboards, but have you ever thought of making your own. you dont have to be an amazing drawer or writer (although it helps). if you are creating a movie with mayby just foer of your friends you could all give ideas towards the script whilst one of you are putting it into a script, but first you need to now how to write a script. i touched on this in part 1. differnt people write there scripts in differnt ways but basacly it needs to tell everyone what to and include the story line.have ago or get youre hands on a movie script and try making one of youre own in the same way.

here i found the script for saving private ryan, all i did was type in saving private ryanmovie script and it was there, check out a few movies and how they were writen-

Step 2: Inspiration

when i used to whatch a movei would just watcvh it and see the lughs and the big ass explosions, now i take a note on how theyve filmed it. i notice the fast angle changes of the camera compared to some of my first movies where i kept the camera in the same place throught a whole scene. i notice the coler grading and the special effects. i notice the acting skills and the fake facial hiar. and i also see the big explosions, but making movies has changed the way i watch movies and take some of the skills used in them and put them into youre own movie.

Step 3: Budget

dont you wish you had 100's of thousands to spend on you movie and it still woudnt change youre econimical life at all. well thats to bad, because we dont. or adleast i dont, so we have to swerve round that obstacle without it harming our production as much as pooable. now thats almost impossable as with thousands of pounds you can buy dollies and top of the range HD camra's, proffesional actors and kick ass explosions were as we can bearly afford a camera at all. we are cheepskates, so we must get round this problem. use a skatebourd for a dolly, or a firework for a explosion. youse close friends for actors and try and get the best camera you can get without riuning the rest of your movie. i use the fingers of latex gloves filled with fake blood to make blood pacs, and throw a pile of dirt for a explosion. it works, aslongas you dont focas on it.basicly try and think of a cheap option compared to theproffesional one.

Step 4: Everyone Can Do It

i got this from a book named "how to make an action movie for 99$"-

the average american spends 36 hours a week whatching television and the minimum wage for a job is 5$ an hour, if you spend the time you would whhatching television working on MINIMUM wage, thats 5 hours a day on MINIMUM WAGE you would earn $180 a week, on MINIMUM wage. that means in a month $810. now thats enough for a very good camera. or editing software or even on props.

Step 5: Expectations

you shouldnt expect youre movie to be steven spealberg standerd, even if you have the budget, but at the same time you cant expect it to be crap, every movie i make the quality doubles at minimum. dont expect to ever be as famouse as steven spealberg, be as famouse as steven spealberg, follow that dream.

Step 6: Film Crew

a movie without a camera man is no movie at all, a movie without a directer is a crap movie. thats why a directer's more inportant than a camera man. most of youre crew will be avadable free. if you are the directer, a few of youre frends as actors and you could film aswell. youre crew is probably youre least of worries, until the filming beggins, yes the actors may get bored and frustrated beause of you changing the angle with one camera or you experementing new idea's but that could riun the movie. a bored actor will deliver a poor performans so you must make shore shore they are always occupied, bieng filmed or having fun.

Step 7: Music

when picing your misic you must be carefull not to go for old classics like the great escape or ghostbusters. i personly think its best when there are no lyrics, but if theres a song that you realy like you could use it or evan get a karioke version. the style of music must siut the context of the movie. eg, a fast upbeat track will go well with a action sequance but not with a romantic scene.
also using well none tracks will lack profeciionalsim butusin a less none song or mayby even write youre own songs will create a more profesional sence to your movie.

Step 8: Sound Fx

a gun fireing without a gun sound is a pretty crap piece of editing. you must have sound effects, but not to many to croud the movie of cheap sounds of the internet, speaking of wich there are many websites that you can get good quality sound effects, the only limit is the end of the internet...

Step 9: Chroma Key (blue/green Screen)

going outinto the streets of londen with a replica AK47 isnt gonna go to well for you. thats were the wonders of chroma key comes in. if you dont know what this is its a way of making a person filmed in a room be in anyplace you want. bassicly there is a sheet of green cloth hang on a wall, hence the word green screen. infront of that screen there is a person and ones filmed...there will be a person infront of a green cloth hanging on the wall. but its not finished yet. using a cheap editing software (not all software is cappable  of doing this so chek out the fetures first) turn the green into a wonderfull background of youre chioce. now why green. green is the middle of all colers andif lighted correctly will create the best background image. try it out.

Step 10: Recommendations

these are a few books on film making

-how to make an action movie for $99

-rebel without a crew

-on directing a film

-feture filmaking at used car prices

-be shore to check out part three, it will be on my page and on the right of this instrucatble

Step 11: Tips

here are a few tips

1. search  for sound effects for a while so you get the best of them
2. do some research on chroma key
3. read the books i recommended
4.dont be scared to go a little over budget
5. spend time preparing

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    2 Discussions


    10 years ago on Introduction

    I love this guide, thank you for making it.

    But I have one question:
    If you copyright your movie and get trademarks and all of that stuff, how do you get legal permission for songs and the soundtrack? Do you have to contact the band's agent? Or...?


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Before you can use any work that is in copyright, you must first get permission. Often that permission is not obtained directly from the creator, editor, recorder, performer or arranger of the song, but from an organisation that helps to deal with creative rights. but the original creator may have sold the rights to their work to another person or organisation. You will need to find out who that is so you can ask their permission.

    thank you for the comment (: