How to Do Lego Animation

Introduction: How to Do Lego Animation

it works for everything movable but lego is a good example.
it is easy once you get into the hang of it.

Step 1: Plan

make a storyboard if you are doing a long story. Also you might want to plan what sound effects you want

Step 2: 2.make Some Props and Charicters

Step 3: The Animation

all you do is move, take picture, move, take picture, move, take picture, and so on

Step 4: Effects

using cotton thread you can do a flying effect by tying the cotton thread over the prop or minifigure and hold the other end up. simple as that!

using paint or another photo editing software you can add bullets, plasma and much more

Step 5: Making Pictures Into Animation

what I use is windows movie maker so I am going to tell you how to do it with windows movie maker.

first open your photos (can have effects on).
second highlight all your photos and go on tools, options, advanced, picture duration, 0.125 or 0.250 and press ok.
third put them in (in order).
fourth add sound (if needbe).
fifth your done!.
I have done 2 test movies.



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    An excellent effort, really! You might consider going back in and maybe adding a comma or two here and there to make things a bit more readable.

    1 reply

    This demonstrates the method, but your scenes are too short. I fully appreciate that it takes a long time to do, stop-motion is like that, but it needs more frames and longer scenes. 0.125 is only 8FPS, that's low, but you can work fewer frames  by substituting dialogue for action.
    I like the I'ble but the videos don't show the method at it's best.


    4 replies

    I was suggesting that you "pad this out" with e.g. speech-bubbles over stills. Have pauses between action for dialogue


    What no macro focus comment?!  I saw you beat me to it and figured the onus would be on me.

    That said:  good point on showcasing the huge process and only exhibiting a small part.

    Macro is one of those old things I've tired of mentioning, and it's not the only thing which would help.


    cool if you go through the first two main pictures they looklike the lego man shooting!

    Wow, I have been waiting for an instructable like this :)