How to Do the Moonwalk

In this instructable i will teach you the theory and method of doing the moonwalk. The moonwalk is a dance that gives an illusion that you are walking but actually you are moving backwards. It's mechanics were invented by the mime marcel marceau but they were put to dance by michael jackson. Actually doing the moonwalk is simple you just need to practise and you can get really good at it.

Step 1: Mechanics

green = staying put
red = moving
blue = lifted up

Read the pictures for explanations of how it works.

And thats really all you need to know about doing the moonwalk!!

Step 2: Practice Makes Perfect!

you really just have to practice alot and discover how it works the best for you. Also doing the moonwalk works well on slippery surfaces so if you have some tile floor in your school or a wet deck on your boat (like in the video.)

also go on you tube and watch how the pros do it!watch how the pros do it!

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    Lego man.It is easier if u keep oil on ur shoes.And if u keep oil on the ground then u will slip down so be careful.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Fantastic instructable. I did not quite get the other ones describing how to do this...but your graphics made so much more sense! I have always wanted to know how to do this! I got it on the first try!

    1 reply

    no, check out my instructable, it's more clear, plus there is a way to moonwalk in friction zones, it's all in there.


    well if you want to do the slide thing where you are sliding backwards while basically walking forwards like in the music videos then i can't help you but if you want the basic version that is open to most, then this instructable is right, so it wasn't well explained was it now? watch it again and you will see. and about slippery floor, if you are a lighter person , doing the normal moonwalk works on most normal surfaces, just dont try it on pavement or on a sandy beach and your fine.


    well if you read what i wrote in the introduction, the mechanics of it were invented as a mime trick by marcel marceau, but they were under a different name, michael jackson then learned them and turned them into a dance called the moonwalk. [ read all about it]read all about it


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    It was the same for me, ithought it was really hard but someone showed me how to do it and it's actually very simple!