How to Draw a Cartoon Cat!

Introduction: How to Draw a Cartoon Cat!

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This is not the picture that your gonna draw. The picture that I'm gonna show you, is way easier and ''cuter'' to draw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Step 1: Head

If your gonna draw an animal, your gonna need to draw the head first. Just like any other species your trying to draw. and don't make your drawing small if it's just one thing in the paper. Just a simple tip :)

Step 2: Eyes

It don't really matter what eyes you give your cat, But most cats have that ''oh so cute'' face in cartoons to beg for something XD

Step 3: Coloring the Eyes

  • If you do want eyes like this, you need to color them! Don't obviously draw INSIDE the circles or your gonna have a cat with black contacts!!!!!!!!!!!

Step 4: Nose

Don't get away with not drawing a cat without a nose like most people do with people!

Step 5: Mouth and Whiskers

Draw a line from the bottom of the nose that I hope you didn't forget, and draw two curved up lines on both sides........well it's better to look at the picture XD. And you know what to do with the whiskers!

Step 6: Body

Start drawing the body CURVY NOT BOXY NEVER BOXY!

Step 7: Rest of the Body

Now finish the rest of the body as shown in the picture.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    thank ya for seeing this! I will make a lot more but I'm gonna show you how to draw a beast looking manga dude for five favorites on this instructible!!!!!