How to Draw a Stupid Cat That Sucks When I Draw It

Introduction: How to Draw a Stupid Cat That Sucks When I Draw It

this is how to draw a deformed cat

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Step 1: The Head

this is da part where you draw the head

Step 2: The Body

dis is da part where u draw the body

Step 3: Design

now u giv it a retarded design, and yer dun o ya and color itz earz pink

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4 years ago

Wow... Just... Yeah... O_o

If you aren't satisfied with your drawing skills, try practicing a little more. Spend some extra time on sketching out the base for the drawing. It usually takes me about two hours to finish a 'Manga' styled digital art piece. I also recommend getting a good computer drawing program. Ms paint is very hard to use. Try GIMP. It's free.


4 years ago

This may be a few years old. But it made day in 2015