How to Duplicate

I'll show you how to duplicate any type of block in minecraft pocket edition

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Step 1: Duplicate

first take any block(s) that you want and place it on the ground

Step 2: Second

go to your home screen and double click really fast so that a bunch of recent apps will appear at the bottom of the screen

Step 3:

once the palate at the bottom pops up press and hold on the app and a red button will be at the the top of the app

Step 4: Deleting Fake

touch the red button and the app will delete. but it won't delete from your iPod it will just stop that app from running

Step 5: Finale Touch

once you deleted that go back into minecraft click on the world you were in and look in your inventory the item should be back in it but you will still have the block(s) on the ground.that means you have twice as much as you started with

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    6 years ago

    I hate this! Lost 3 butter blocks :(