How to Export Information From Yahoo Groups in Excel Format

Introduction: How to Export Information From Yahoo Groups in Excel Format


This instructable is about extracting information from yahoo groups.
when you create a database in yahoo groups, it is in a table format but when you try to export it, it does not get exported in the excel format.

one of the common methods of converting the exported file in to excel format is to save the page as 'filename'.csv  and then open the file with excel.
it is the 'comma delimited' format that creates columns in between commas...BUT this does not always helps in forming the right table... so to get your table the way it should be lets start with my method!

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Step 1: Select the Table You Want to Export

sign in your yahoo group and select the database tab in the left. select the table you want to export in the excel format.
after the table gets uploaded, click the print report tab.
a printable version of the table will appear in the browser...

once you are done uptil here,

proceed to the next step

Step 2: Copy the File to Desired Format

once you have got the printable form of the table on the browser, select all the characters on the page. for this use Ctrl + A and then copy the table using Ctrl + C in the notepad...
remove any unwanted data that you don't require...

after you reach this point, goto the save as tab in the notepad and save the file as 'fileame'.prn
this is the 'space delimited' format in excel (don't worry you don't have to remember this...this is only for information).

once the file in excel and..... ta..da.. your file is ready in the table format!

now, save the file in .xls format to use as excel sheet. 

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