How to Fill a Ball With Air Using a Balloon!!!


Introduction: How to Fill a Ball With Air Using a Balloon!!!

Lets say you pump broke and you have a flat ball, well instead of causing permanent damage to your lungs, try Using a Balloon to fill the ball with air. It really works...



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    If you have a pump tip why not skip the whole balloon part altogether and just put the tip in the ball and then blow through it. You will be able to get it a lot firmer this way. Using a balloon will leave the ball quite flaccid as they dont hold much pressure without bursting which is why we can easily inflate them until they burst. seems like every comment that you make is critical (usually not constructivley though).  What's up with that?  Does it make you feel better about yourself or something to do that?  It's kind of annoying. 

    Webster doesn't have enough words to describe just how useless your comment is Lemonie. This tutorial you're commenting on is helpful, no matter what the voice sounds like.

    Using a balloon to blow up a sports ball is a fun way to teach about air pressure. It's interesting to watch, can involve a lot of participation, and is easy enough for students of almost any age to try themselves.

    Although it would be very funny to use a pump to blow up the balloon first.

    Yeah, I don't like mine. I was thinking you could find something different, 'cos a lot of people use it (I think NurdRage does from the last tome I watched one) - make you a bit more of an individual?