How to Get MORE VIEWS on Instructables !


Introduction: How to Get MORE VIEWS on Instructables !

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hello again,

have you ever met someone new where they asked that one cold blooded question, "so, what do youdo?"


usually expecting some regular answer in return as well, oh yea i'm a lawyer, accountant, i do accounting things on the calculator. i am a broker, i'm an investor, i'm this i'm that.....


maybe you did explain about your inventions to the person and they still have a hard time picturing what in the world you are talking about? WHAT, you mean i can make free electricity at home and not pay, i can make my own 3D printer at home, there is absolutely no way that i can make my own digital camera, you just must be insane sir....


you simply just want more people to learn about your inventions/ideas/instructions and there is no internet device around.


what ever the case maybe a simple homemade business card can save the day.


step 1: download my business card illustrator template, change it to your name/address and create your custom QR barcode

step 2: print your cards at home, library or local print office. keep some with you at all times.!

step 3: now go out and hand them out as you meet new people, spread your ideas, spread knowledge...


** I also made a flyer that you can copy. I chose my 6 most viewed instructables and decided to display them on the can get the flyers laminated. I have put my flyer up on the cork board at work on top of the weekly schedule, ready to be scanned via smartphone.

**i used regular A4/letter size printer paper for both the business cards and flyers. remember the quality of the paper doesn't matter, only the words on it does. don't pay for expensive business cards, they use more paper which means more trees cut down. don't aim in life to impress people with how much money you can spend, impress them with how little you use to live every day.


hope you enjoyed my super short instructable. please remember to subscribe and check out my other posts.




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That could be a nice buisiness card (having it refer to my member's page)

1 reply

please give it a try. i still hand them out today, always have a few with me. best way to get more views on your channel and raise awareness on your research/tinkerings/achievements.!

Nice idea. I carry a bunch of Instructables stickers in my wallet with my profile URL written on the backing.

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stickers would be amazing, you can randomly put them up at bus stops, classrooms, public areas etc. thank you for the idea, maybe the next bunch i print will be on stickers

Putting them up places without permission isn't a good idea. It would be akin to graffiti. I hand out Instructables stickers to people who sound interested and haven't heard of it before. People tend to keep stickers whereas fliers and business cards often get binned.

i was thinking more in terms of starting guerrilla instructing, like guerrilla gardening when you said stickers :) you are probably correct tho,

Awesome! This will be featured! I might even try this! As long as you aren't selling anything using the Instructables logo, you don't have to worry about copyright problems.

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thank you very much, please do try it. i feel like not enough people are aware of this amazing webpage yet. and no selling, always giving it away freely

lol i was scared of getting yelled at from the team over there for copyright issues or what not... i'm glad to hear that you like it, i always carry some of these in my wallet now, every member should. and maybe the instructables prize pack for contest winners should also include personalized business cards...!??? just an idea, thanks again