How to Get a Diffrent Desktop Backround on Ubuntu 8.04

Introduction: How to Get a Diffrent Desktop Backround on Ubuntu 8.04

tired of the stork?

Step 1:

Right click.

Step 2:

scroll down to "Change Desktop background".

Step 3:


A Big thank You to joem1523!



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    I dont see what everyones problem is aside from the grammar and spelling , ok he could have added the version because if i remember correctly not all versions of Ubuntu or other GUI versions of Linux have the luxury of changing background images but otherwise simple and to the point, but Joe is right,  he was just trying to help make a better instructable  an all.. (posted with allot of grammer and spalling problems because i dont always have the time to spell check and or grammar check when posting in my lunch break . ).. 

    you need to make this longer and with more detail. crikey! I am still working on my first instructable, being going for 4 months now.

    whats wrong with the stork?, and btw, if u cant figure this out urself, then why would use linux?

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    0.5 It could do with a description on what Ubuntu is at the top and what version your doing this on. A print screen takes nothing yet it makes an instructable so much better instead of the same image over and over again. Also remember to check all of your grammar and spelling! And please don't take this the wrong way, I'm just trying the help you!

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    Thank you joem1523 you can also get images off the net. I'll make an Instructable on how to do that.this is ubuntu version 8.04 . JakeTobak I made this so people can get images.

    Right? You seem to have misunderstood me, Well done for changing one of the pictures but a picture of a dragon alone is hardly relative to the instructable and has now made it into a mess. I meant for you to show screen-shots of you going into system preferences and such. And remember, Good instructables take time to write. I have a couple still in the making stage (Nearly all the text body is done, just pictures too go) and they have took me a lot of time because I checked all of my grammar and spelling and put in a lot of detail. Not one line steps. Good luck, and don't rush it!

    For example you can start it off with,

    • In this instructable I am going to guide you through the process to change your desktop wallpaper using a picture you have downloaded from the internet, camera or another device but with a slight twist...
    • ...I will be using Ubuntu version 8.04 to show you how to do this!
    • This guide will be great for Ubuntu noobs and linux newbies.

    See, something simple like that can improve an instructable greatly and add more depth to it. And using relevant images to each step helps people understand the instructable more.

    And for the other users above, I would expect more. Ever heard of the "be nice" policy!

    Hope this helps you in creating great instructables!