How to Get a Dvd on Any Device



for ages we all like dvd rippers only problem we can only get them for pc but we can change that u can get the dvd on u phone with out dvd to digtal here how

Step 1: Download Amerisoft Dvd Ripper

ok heres da link to download

Step 2: Riping Dvd to Any File

open the dvd ripper as u see in the image u see the word 3gp click that button and u can convert to many files choose the one click start and prest0 u did it

Step 3: For Ipohne or Andriod

for ipohne it wont work so do this get a youtube acount then upload the video go on youre mobile dvice download youtube downloader on the app store search ya acount thenn se the vid download and get it on u device

Step 4: Put the Dvd in the Dvd Rom on Youre Pc

ok this parts ridiculously easy so clck the ejec button on u pc then put the dvd there and walla u did it



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